Ambush at CTA Bus Stop

Nine people were wounded at a CTA bus turnaround at South Western Avenue and 79th Street on the South Side at 9:14 p.m. last night. The scene was described by onlookers as an apparent ambush in which three men jumped from the bushes and began shooting. Only one of the nine victims was seriously injured. Sources identified five of the victims as gang members (4 Gangster Disciples and 1 Vice Lord) which brings police to speculate that the shooting was likely gang-related.

While this project is focused on the homicides resulting from the violence in the city of Chicago, I find it important to also acknowledge that the actual number of deaths is a small percentage of those wounded in violence around the city even though the project does not directly address this. This is just one example of a terrible act of violence which thankfully did not result in any deaths.

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