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SANTA FE One of the biggest concerns voiced by lawmakers during the current legislative session is about dwindling revenue projections they have to work with while crafting the budget. “There’s no money this year,” is a common refrain.But you don’t hear that very much from legislative lobbyists as they shell out for receptions, dinners, gifts and other goodies for legislators during this session.By the end of last week, lobbyists and their employers had spent about $175,000, according to lobbyist reports filed since the beginning of the session with the Secretary of State’s Office.As has been the case for years, the biggest reported expenses have been from the state’s ski and golf industries.George Brooks, president of Ski New Mexico, reported spending $29,500 on Jan. 26 for ski passes for members of the House and Senate.

Cheap Jerseys china Shaw subtitled Arms and the Man, first produced in London in 1894, an Comedy, and indeed its jaunty humor, when looked at closely, seethes with bitterness. Set in Bulgaria in 1885 during a war between Bulgarians and Serbs, the play opens with a young lady, Raina Petkoff (Autumn Shiley), tucked away in her bedroom, elated over the Bulgarian victory and dizzily envisioning the heroics of her fianc Sergius (Joshua Rachford). At which point Captain Bluntschli (Joel Grothe), a Swiss professional soldier fighting for the Serbs, enters the bedroom, leading to an eventual love triangle and a happy resolve. Cheap Jerseys china

wholesale jerseys At the conclusion of the ceremony, the representatives of the Ukrainian American community had the opportunity to briefly speak with Senator Levin and Dr. Rice about the their community’s support for the administration’s and Congresses’ reengagement with Ukraine, especially as this pertains to NATO and demcheap jerseysocratic and economic reforms. Meetings were held with Congresswoman Candice Miller, Republican 10th District, MI, Congressman Sander Levin, Democrat 12th District, MI, and Senator Carl Levin, Democrat, MI. wholesale jerseys

Cheap Jerseys free shipping Crappy people from all over go there to hangout might ask how I know this. I know this because creepy kids I knew of from Richmond and San Pablo used to go all the way to Sun Valley Mall to hangout and shoplift (I was so happy the day one of them was caught. Unfortunately, the security guards gave her back to her elderly family member instead of carting her off to Juvenile Hall where she belonged. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

Cheap Jerseys china The set pieces are magnificent too the legendary ghost bench routine is given a modern overhaul with a 3D screen behind it which should remind all movie producers at what makes the technology such an inventive and interactive platform; namely the abili to make the audience react in dramatic style. I won’t spoil it, but it works a treat. Improves a familiar favourite, in fact Cheap Jerseys china.

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