Johnnie Dyer, 38

Johnnie Dyer, 38

Johnnie Dyer was standing outside 3017 West 5th Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood shortly before midnight on September 1st when someone approached and shot him several times. He was pronounced dead at 12:38 a.m. at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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  1. Ms.Ja says:

    Almost a year now, my little brother is gone, so much hurt and pain still around no answer just a whole lot of question. Looking at the list next to his name so many life was been taken for one reason or other.I been listing to other on how we are going through a change, we killing our own no more Black History for us just History of Black Deaf. Where will our further start how can I protect my grandkids and other to show them that standing behind a pistol is not the answer to our problem. Education is. A man told me that racist end due to other found way's of holding onto knowledge by putting it in a book. So why don't we challenge that by turning off your divices and pick up a book. Knowledge is greater then deaf you are miss for a minute and forgot for a life time but knowledge baby can give you forever.

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